Each MagiK Designs costume is created through a collaborative process that focusses on the dancers strengths on stage and a shape of design to suit their body shape and personality.

Our unique design process explores all aspects of the dancers body, dance style/strengths/challenges, as well as other life interests to complete the optimum design suited specifically to them for a competitive stage presence.

An integral component of the design and creation process is the fitting appointment that uses couture fitting techniques prior to any design consultation or dress construction.

This appointment is key to the best outcome in fitting and design.

Anothern key element of the process is the design interview with the dancer that follows a simple, yet in depth, systematic approach ensuring the costume will be an authentic expression of the dancer on stage.

Starting price for a custom design dress is usually $1500 (without crystals).  Waistcoats for male dancers start at $500 (without crystals).  The cost will increase depending on the size, the design and the amount of embroidery required. After the design process is complete and you have chosen your design, you will be provided with a quote outlining the exact final costing of your Magik dress.  Please contact us for the variations to the information below for male dancers. 


You will receive with your dress:

1 x Pair of Matching Kick Pants

1 x Matching Head Piece

1 x Custom Dress Protector

(Note that the dress protector is not a water-proof dress bag. It is a specially made bag to fit your custom dress perfectly so that the skirt sits in the correct manner during transportation. Using a dress protector also ensures that crystals don't pull on fabric when the dress is folded over inside your own water proof bag)

Optional Inclusions:

To assist you with your new look, Magik Designs, can recommend stage make-up colours best suited to you and your dress along with the best application techniques for your face and eye shape. There is no cost to this recommendation, however all makeup products that we recommend can be purchased online from an external supplier.

At your request we can also recommend the best style of Camelia Rose wig for you and a helpful stockist ... and your new look will be complete!



Step One: Booking confirmation

A $250 non-refunable deposit is required with your booking form to confirm your preferred delivery date.

Step Two: Design and Measurement Consultation

A $250 instalment will be required prior to or at the time of the 30 minute consultation. This consultation will take place 6 weeks prior to your preferred delivery date.

Step Three: Couture Fitting Appointment

Couture fitting techniques ensure the best possible fit of your new Irish Dance Dress, and will require the dancer to be available for a 30 minute fitting appointment prior to dress construction and design commencement. This will generally be approximately 1 week after Step Two. In some instances Step 2 & 3 can be done at the same time.

Your Consultations and Fitting Appointments can be done at competitions you attend, at your dance schools premise before or after class*, or at our workshop.  We aim to make this process as convenient as possible for you and taking the time to work with Kristine in person ensures a better fitting dress.

*This option is most preferable as your dance teacher is present to briefly mention their preference of design, fitting and dress style most suitable for the dancer.  MagiK Designs are able to attend any class venue in New South Wales, Australia.  Interstate or international venues are also possible if an appropriate amount of dancers in your area or dance school are working with us at the same time.  MagiK Designs will also be available by appointment only at every major Australian competition and some international competitions.  Please contact us at info@magikdesigns.com.au if this is an option you wish to pursue.

Step Four: Design Process

One design concept sketch will be created using the information from Step 2 and 3. Due to the fact that considerable time and creative choices are given to the design, MagiK Designs reserves the right to make no changes to the design at your request if they believe it will change the integrity of the design. However, if you find that you do not like the design provided, another design consultation will be required and another sketch will be created. Each sketch generally takes one week, so please consider how this will effect your delivery date. Thus the reason you will need to make sure you share as much information about what you expect from your design at your initial design appointment.

Step Five: Construction

A $500 instalment will be required once you have agreed upon a design and the final quote. In most cases, construction will be complete two weeks after receipt of your signed Construction Agreement and Instalment. This may vary depending of the amount and type of embroidery of the design.

If you require MagiK Designs to apply crystals, a separate payment will also need to be made before construction commencement directly to our crystal supplier. An invoice will be forwarded to you with all details.

Step Six: Final fitting and delivery

You will be notified a few days before completion of your MagiK dress to confirm a time for your final fitting and the final balance invoice will be sent to you. Minor adjustments may be required after this fitting, however if all parties are happy with the fit, this time will also be final delivery.